The Custom Process

Creating Your Custom Dealer Coin, Pin, Patch or Magnet is EASY!

Let's get started

First, email any ideas including photos of your dealership, logos, local landmarks, and so on to:

Our talented artists can create compelling artwork out of almost anything! There may be some limitations on detail or color, depending on the product you are interested in.

Even providing a photo of a landscape can give our talented artists a launching point for a great design.

Check out our resources section for more information on specific products or ask your sales rep for their recommendation.


Explore our diverse selection of enamels, finishes, and stitching options, allowing you to personalize your item with intricate details and tailored touches that reflect your unique taste and style preferences.

Hard Enamel

Hard Enamel offers the best quality finish. The paint is heated at a high temperature to harden, then polished smooth & level. The finished product shows a high level of detail and is very durable.

Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel is very vibrant and offers a lot of texture to a design. The paint is air-dried, and sits at a lower level than the metal borders. Soft enamel may chip away after some time and isn’t as crisp in detail as hard enamel.

Specialty Enamels

Ask your SymbolArts rep about other enamel options like translucent finishes and even glitter effects. Visit our photo gallery or resources section to see more options.

Metal finishes

Choosing the perfect finish can elevate your coin, pin, or magnet design! Unsure? Consult your Harley-Davidson® sales rep about two-tone, antiquing, or smoky options for a standout look.

Patch options


Experience the unmatched precision of our sublimated patches, boasting the highest level of detail while offering a unique aesthetic with less vibrant colors and a sleek, stitch-free finish; though susceptible to fading over time, they provide a seamless and professional look for your custom designs.


Elevate your style with our vibrant embroidered patches, featuring simplified yet striking detail and long-lasting durability, complemented by highly visible stitching that adds a touch of character to your personalized designs.


Discover the perfect balance of detail and color with our woven patches, offering moderate yet intricate designs that showcase vibrant hues, providing the best of both worlds. Enhanced by subtly visible stitching, these patches add a touch of texture and dimension to your custom creations.

Visit our resources section to learn more about custom patches and the options available.

We Design Artwork For Free

Our talented art department will create a custom design and with no hidden fees. Our artwork is free up to 3 revisions.

Time to Place Your Order

Once approved, you will decide on the amount of product you want. Download our custom pricing sheet by clicking the button below or give us a call to talk over your budget.

Reordering Process

Once your stock is running low, contact us to refill
your order. Your product will ship in 4-6 weeks (lead times are subject to change, check with your sales rep).